About Us

Sierra Homecare is a family run, independent provider of quality person-centred homecare services.

With our extensive range of support services, we can help you, or a loved one, remain living in the comfort and privacy of your own home, surrounded by all of your own personal, cherished belongings and memories.

We work together with our clients and their families, to provide individualised support plans ensuring all needs are met whilst remaining respectful of individual preferences and life choices.

We believe

  • Each of our clients is an individual with unique needs and aspirations.

  • Our clients and their families should be at the centre of decision making around how best we can meet their needs.

  • All clients should be treated with courtesy and respect, without discrimination.

  • Our clients’ dignity and privacy should be maintained at all times.


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How we work

  • Following the initial contact to Sierra HomeCare by a client or their family, we will arrange a home visit to the client, to introduce our company, our terms of business, and to discuss in more detail how best we can provide the care and support that may be required.

  • Following this informal meeting, a formal assessment will be arranged.  As well as assessing care and support needs we will find out all about the individual, their personality, their history, their likes and dislikes, the important people in their lives, and their preferences around how and when they wish to receive our support to live independently in their own home.

  • Once we have agreed the support plan and all requirements with the client and their family, an appropriate member of our team will be assigned as the key support worker.  Any member of our team assigned to a client will be personally introduced prior to commencement of work.

  • We provide a responsive service, and as a client’s needs may change, their care and support plan will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

  • We encourage regular feedback on our service from our clients and their families and, if appropriate, will make adjustments to service delivery as required.


or call us on 01279 501678

My story

My name is Malcolm Stewart, and I am the founder of Sierra HomeCare, along with my wife Julie.

I decided to set up the company following my own personal experiences when trying to source care for two of my brothers diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  It was a stressful and emotional time, and I had to face immense challenges, as do so many other families, to secure quality, consistent care for my loved ones.

Like you, I want the best for my family.  I don’t want my brothers to be passive recipients of care but to be supported to make their own decisions and continue to live their lives as they choose, in their own homes, surrounded by their own belongings and memories, with the significant benefits this brings to their health and well-being.

At Sierra HomeCare we are passionate about providing the best quality care and support.  We work closely with our clients and their families to provide an individually tailored service which meets our clients’ needs,  reflect their choices and supports their families.

Support is provided by our dedicated team, who have been carefully selected for their skills, their values, their kindness and their passion for wanting to make a positive impact on the lives of others.


or call us on 01279 501678